Être Deux is our way to empower your senses through our stories. Through Deux, we want to paint the beauty of places, things, and people, reminding ourselves that our life is full of beautiful surprises when we see it from different perspectives.

Through smell, a sense so close to our hearts, Être Deux is our way of celebrating the unique experience we hold deeply in our memories that, with time, turns into our treasured identity. We hope to inspire you to see the world in a different light and embrace life’s surprises in your journey to be who you are and whatever you want to be. #DeuxWithinUs


Life is a tapestry of memories, and even our past experiences can hold new perspectives and surprises. Sometimes, we just need to shift our lens and see things in a different light to uncover the beauty within them. This realization can be truly magical, and it's what #DeuxWithinUs is all about. It's that moment of discovery, that spark of inspiration when we see things in a new way and find deeper meaning in our lives. So let's embrace the unexpected, cherish our unique experiences, and explore the world with open eyes and open hearts.

Because within each of us lies the power to find beauty and inspiration in even the most ordinary memories. #DeuxWithinUs

What makes Deux different?

Creative Freedom

Since Deux's concept is about telling stories, our perfumers have the liberty to express themselves through their fragrance creations, without worrying about price constraints. We want our perfumers to tell stories through their scents, and we give them the creative space to do so.

Higher Quality of Fragrance Oil

In accordance with the point above, we ended up using a higher quantity of natural oils in our fragrances, which makes our scent quality unmatched. While this may increase the cost of our fragrance oils, we believe that our customers deserve the finest quality scents.

Improved Packaging Materials

We use premium materials like textured paper and provide embossed and debossed finishing touches, which not only give a modern rustic look but also enhance the tactile experience of our products. We believe that by creating a multi-sensory experience, our customers will feel more connected to the story behind each fragrance. To achieve this, we allocate our budget towards sensorial elements, such as fragrance oil and textured paper. Additionally, we've made a conscious decision to use soft box packaging instead of a hard box. This is because we understand the importance of balancing cost-efficiency with delivering a high-quality product. By using a softbox, we can allocate our budget toward the more critical elements of our products while still providing reliable and secure packaging.

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