We make perfumes that look and smell good, created by professionals with good intentions using good ingredients that comply to the IFRA standards and certified as safe by BPOM.

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Être fragrances meant to touch hearts; to be a reminder of the exciting and memorable moments in your life.

Each aspect of our products is crafted to deliver empowering messages. We love to see us grow together as a community, in our journey to be our best selves and live our best life.  

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Can I try them before buying?

Absolutely! If you purchase the discovery set, you will get three Être perfume samples to try at home. You will find a voucher with the same value to purchase the full bottle. In other words, once you find your favorite(s), the discovery set is on us!

How to know the best perfume for me?

The most important thing is to be comfortable with the scent. You will see the scent change during the day because it develops with your body chemistry. Ask yourself, can I enjoy the evolution? Do I feel happy when smelling the whiff of it?

Will I smell the perfumes for a long time?

On average, our perfumes last for 4-8 hours. It can be more or less, mainly depends on two things: 1) your body chemistry and 2) the fragrance profile. Your diet and your activities will affect the performance of the perfume. Each perfume is formulated differently to give a certain ambiance and feeling, so it is expected to perform differently.

Can people around me smell the perfume too?

Yes, for sure. However, we do not want our perfumes to be too aggressive and disturb people around us. To avoid that, we tested our fragrance in different concentrations.

Finally, we found the most comfortable concentration that gives excellent sillage and longevity. Our perfumes are all Eau de Parfum,but each variant has a different fragrance concentration. You can find the information on their respective pages.

Is it safe to spray the perfume on my skin?

Technically, all our perfumes comply with the IFRA Standards, and are BPOM certified, so we can say that they are safe for humans. However, there is no harm in testing it first on a small part of your skin because, you know, we are unique (so each skin is different)

Where is the best spot to spray perfumes?

Everywhere! Your wrist, arm, neck, back of your ears, and the middle of your chest are good spots to spray perfumes. By the way, you are also allowed to spray it on your clothes. In fact, the scent will last longer on fabrics. Our perfumes will not stain your clothes.

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