Our Process

Fragrance development takes time. In the process, we are grateful to have encountered great people to collaborate with. Together, we are giving our best in preparing excellent quality products because we want to bring a whole sensorial experience for you.

February & March 2021

First idea

We aligned our vision and values and came up with one notion that speaks powerfully to both of us: to integrate scents into our daily lives while we are on our way to becoming our best selves. Être was born from that idea. We began profiling both Indonesia and French olfactive landscapes to find the essence of both countries and identify the gap.

Good news: Finally, we came up with three fragrance concepts.

april 2021

Fragrance Concept

We looked for fragrance houses to work with and met Alice Lavenat. Alice works as a senior perfumer from Jean Niel, a Grassois fragrance house that has been in the industry since 1779.

Good news: Our chemistry was fantastic, so we trusted her to create our first three concepts. We start working together to develop the fragrances.

May 2021

1st Fragrance submission

Good News: We got our first fragrance submission! We were excited to try and evaluate them. We would love to see some changes, so we gave our feedback to Alice for rework.

At the same time, we started developing our branding.

June & July 2021

2nd Fragrance submission

Alice did an excellent job with the rework, and we were so delighted to test them.

Good news: this was a great month because we registered our company in Indonesia and finalized our logo and branding!

August 2021

Visit Grasse

This summer, we had a memorable trip to Grasse. We visited Jean Niel and met Alice during our trip to finalize our creations.

In the meantime, we continued searching for glass bottles until we met Oskar Karla, a more-than-a-century years old glass bottle company in Austria. We were more than happy to trust them to provide glass bottles.

Good news: our fragrance oils were ready to be sent to Indonesia.

September 2021

Fragrance oils arrive in Indonesia

Good news: Our fragrance oils have safely arrived in our manufacturing factory, PT. Premium Parfum Indonesia. We tested the fragrances in our alcoholic base to determine the best concentration for each fragrance. Samples were sent to Paris to be evaluated by us.

Simultaneously, we did our first consumer tests in Indonesia to get qualitative data.

October & November 2021

Final perfume composition

We quickly tested the samples once they arrived in Paris. It was a tough choice, but finally, we managed to determine the best concentration for each fragrance.

Next, we started our fragrances’ registration process at Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) in Indonesia.

Good news: our caps were ready after waiting for two months! We could finally ship the bottles from from Vienna to Indonesia.


Stability Test

We waited patiently for our glass bottles to arrive in Indonesia. Meanwhile, we started the stability test for our fragrances.

Good news: our brand has been listed in BPOM.

january 2022

Glass bottles arrived in Indonesia

Good news: our glass bottles have safely arrived in Indonesia! We cleaned and stored them for production time. In the meantime, we waited for the stability test result and started preparing samples for our second consumer test.

BPOM registration: DONE!

Good news: Our perfumes have finally got their BPOM number. It means they are certified as safe, and we are authorized to sell them to the public. Now we're onto the last steps:

1. Gather participants for our consumer tests

2. Finalized our stability test.

March 2022

2nd Consumer Test

100 people participated in the consumer test. It was insightful! To all participants, thank you for your time and efforts. We truly appreciate it.

Good news: our perfumes are stable after three months of stability test. Now we are ready to produce them.

April 2022

The Launching of Être Parfums in Indonesia

We can’t thank you enough for the support from our collaborators and all parties involved in making Être available for Indonesia. We are also grateful for you, who has been following our journey from the start.

Être perfumes are now available on our website and Tokopedia.

This is not the end of the story. We will continue creating history in Indonesia. Be a part of us. #findyouretre

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