• Lygia

    I graduated as a chemist from Institut Teknologi Bandung before moving to France to pursue my dream. With determination to become a great perfumer, I completed my master's degree at ISIPCA and continued my perfumer training at one of the industry leaders.

    Learning perfumery is so much more than a profession to me. I indeed need to exercise my olfactory and creation skills for the sake of my job, but it is certainly not the only occasion I use my sense of smell. I use my sense of smell to enjoy events in my life and tell stories. 

    I hope, though Être, I can share my experiences with you and make you reconnect with your sense of smell through my creations.

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  • Tiara

    Determined to pursue my passion in the luxury business, I went to the center of lux, France, when I was 17. I enrolled in a school founded by Maison Christian Dior's first-hand designer, Ecole Superieure de la Mode et du luxe. I discovered a new passion for perfume in the company where I worked during my studies. It is a French company, one of the leaders in the beauty industry, with an extensive perfume portfolio. After finishing my master's degree, I decided to explore the fragrance world further as I was fascinated by it. I continue to work in the perfume industry as a digital communication expert and retail education specialist. And with my expertise, I wish to give Être community the best sensorial experience.

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