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Discovery Set Classic Chapter 2: The Floral Era

Discovery Set Classic Chapter 2: The Floral Era

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2 ml Angélique EDP

A floral musky powdery perfume created using carrot seed EO and a soft and comfortable blend of musks crafted by our perfumer. This perfume is ethereal, clean, and elegant.

2 ml Fleur de Chance EDP

A floral green woody fragrance with a unique lily of the valley scent created by our perfumer. It is blended with fresh juniper berry essential oil and finishes with a soft and velvety feeling of cashmere wood and cedarwood Atlas essential oil. This perfume is invigorating, flourishing, and grounding.

2 ml Bouquet de Joie EDP

This floral bouquet perfume has a unique peony accord twisted with blackcurrant buds absolute. It ends with a creamy and nutty vetiver followed by a rich and sophisticated amberwood. This perfume is enticing, compelling, and abundant.

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How to wear our perfumes:

Start by spraying the perfume on your neck, wrists, and behind your ears. Next, spray the perfumes on your clothes to enhance their long-lastingness. Our perfumes do not contain colorants. Hence, they will not stain your clothes 🙂

Our vials are big enough for a week of full-wear yet tiny enough to carry around. Keep your vials in their small boxes when carrying them in your bag for your peace of mind. Voilà. Parfumez-vous bien!

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We take scents seriously because we understand how powerful it actually is. That’s why we work only with reputed fragrance houses and trained perfumers to create the concept, formulate the scent, and evaluate the perfumes. With you in our mind, we designed the perfumes to smell good and make you feel good.

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